Introducing an affordable pre-inspection
automated solution

The AI-powered process guides customers ensuring high-quality pictures saving time and reducing fraud risk. The easiest way to upgrade your customer experience while saving time and money.

Vehicle pictures taken with SmartScan are automatically uploaded to DriveX Admin. DriveX Admin is integrated into client backend, where our client can access these pictures.

High quality pre-inspection images has been proven to

reduce fraudulently inflated claims by 90%

DriveX has developed an automated system that standardizes high-quality images

that deliver relevant and time-stamped vehicle information.

SmartScan can be accessed by end user via mobile phone. No application download is needed, SmartScan is a browser based solution.

DriveX SmartScan

AI-supported self-serviced process for your customers, employees and partners

DriveX SmartScan is a remote vehicle verification supported by AI. DriveX offers a quick, easy and trustworthy self-serviced process for your end-users.

Send out DriveX links automatically via email or text message. Users can start the process right away without any mobile app download.

In DriveX Admin our client can see all the pictures that have been taken with SmartScan. Based on the pictures, a safety rating is given to each vehicle.

DriveX Admin

Get instant SmartScan vehicle verification reports

DriveX Admin generates reports and provides labelled images according to vehicle verification workflows that have been set up.

Start simple by using our e-mail integration and manual link generation. Scale with our DriveX API to fully automate your insurance processes.

Don’t just take our word for it

Some quotes from our customers

“Compared to the old processes, doing vehicle pre-inspections with DriveX takes half the time. This saved time can be used for other clients, which means more contracts being signed.”
Mikko Pilt, ERGO Estonia
Having even considered building their own app as a solution, they acknowledged that creating and running this would divert too many resources away from their core business. With the goal of making a “bulletproof system for the insurance sector”, ERGO set out to begin using DriveX to help improve image capture for self-serve clients.
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“The percentage of successful photo series has definitely increased. Using DriveX we thrive to make a good first impression.”
Magnus Krik, Gjensidige Estonia
With the goal of having just one solution in the future, Gjensidige has expanded the integration to include API. Magnus was confident this next step will improve the flow for all employees and will decrease the need for manual options.
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