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AI-powered vehicle
verification for insurance

DriveX provides an AI vehicle verification service for insurers to automate policy purchase and claim management.

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    Start saving time and money with our automated self-service guided solution

    Processing pre-inspection images can account for hours of wasted time for customers and sales staff alike. DriveX is your secret solution in halving processing times and removing user confusion. Streamline your entire sales process in a matter of moments.

    Designed for insurers. We’re building products to become the easiest to use and most trustworthy vehicle verification solution in the world.

    DriveX Core

    Get instant SmartScan vehicle verification reports

    DriveX Core generates reports and provides labelled images according to vehicle verification workflows that have been set up.

    Start simple by using our e-mail integration and manual link generation. For enterprises we have DriveX API to fully automate vehicle verification and damage detection processes.

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