Used Vehicle Pre-Purchase Remote Inspection

Avoid rusty surprises by getting an objective overview of the vehicle with DriveX's remote visual inspection before sealing the deal.

15,000+ inspections completed
9.90€ per inspection
5-minute inspection time

Consumer rating  4.5/5

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    How does it work?

    Insert required data and send vehicle seller a link for inspection

    Seller opens the link and takes images with DriveX SmartScan

    Safety & damage report with all the images will be sent to the buyer

    Assess the state of the vehicle based on trustworthy data

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    Key features

    Body & windshield damage detection

    Visual damages are automatically detected and included in the inspection report by body part, damage type, and its location on the body part. The windshield damage report provides an overview of damage type (chip or crack), and location of the damage, reducing the risk of unexpected expenses after purchase.

    Fraud detection and vehicle recognition

    VIN codes and licence plates are automatically detected and compared with listing data to ensure that the vehicle matches. GPS tracking verifies that the vehicle location matches the listing. Images of other vehicles can't be uploaded.

    Assessment report

    The inspection results in a comprehensive visual condition and damage report, which can be shared with car workshops and experts for a second opinion.

    Real-time image capturing

    Don't rely on pretty and potentially old or photoshopped images on the listing. With Drivex, old photos and image editing can't be used to complete the assessment. With real-time image capturing, the user receives live instructions for taking the photos from correct angles, enabling consistent image quality.

    Used Vehicle Pre-Purhcase Remote Inspection

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